Mother’s English believes all children deserve high-quality English language learning opportunities to maximize their educational and future career success in an increasingly global society. We train English-fluent high school student volunteers to develop their leadership skills to help Chinese primary students master spoken English. 

We are a western-designed volunteer organization that focuses on English Language support, Corporate Social Responsibility, Youth Leadership Development, and building communities through volunteerism. Mother’s English partners with the charities China Charity Aid Foundation for Children and Stepping Stones and corporate sponsors Apple, Denton Law Firm, and Accenture.  

Our programs are operated by a small staff and over 200 volunteers dedicated to delivering interactive oral English language support to students without access to adequate English language educational opportunities. 

Interactive Learning Experiences 

Our teaching philosophy is based on a learning model that builds on student interaction. The overriding goal is for children to feel enthusiastic about learning, to be interested, curious, and happy as they learn to speak English, and to be deeply involved in new learning experiences. We believe that children learn through hands-on experiences and thrive cognitively when they are actively engaged within the learning environment. Students develop their own “Book of Knowledge” which is linked to the Chinese English curriculum taught in their Chinese classroom. This ensures students learn and retain spoken English and perform well on classroom exams. 

We focus on conversational English 

We understand that there is more to English language proficiency than just doing well on written tests. Our student and community volunteers offer engaging and interactive English lessons to improve Chinese students' conversational English.  

We believe in a sustainable educational model that does not rely only on native English speakers’ involvement and can be carried forward even when the English-speaking volunteer is not there.  We work closely with primary classroom Chinese English teachers around the Chinese English curriculum to enhance the learning experience and students’ English test scores.