Lvzhou Community Center

Founded in 2018, Mother’s English at Lvzhou Community Center located in Kaifaqu, Dalian, aims to increase students’ awareness of spoken English to boost their speaking confidence. Students are able to deepen their personal connections with people from different cultures when introduced to fluent English speakers and opportunities to converse with them. 

In just over two years, the number of volunteers has increased as more children joined the weekend club, each in charge of a different task and shift. Classes are mostly held by high school student volunteers with an excellent grasp of English. With about ten students attending each session, classes are usually discussion-based, which allows them to receive more hands-on assignments, as well as more feedback from instructors and peers.  

Mother’s English seeks to impart the mechanics of spoken English in a playful and innovative way.  The Mother’s English program at Lvzhou Community Center is fulfilling this mission through extensive work from the leadership team and high school volunteers. We are pleased to introduce our young English language learners to a fresh and unconventional learning style.  


Changjiangwan Community Center

Changjiangwan Community Center, established in 2019, is led by five English fluent high school student volunteers who hold regular trainings for 15 children aged 6 to 12.  Located in Jinshitan, Dalian, it is a place filled with the joy of discovering and practicing spoken English.

Mother’s English is known for its innovative education methods focused on enjoyable learning. Classes usually take about an hour, including 20 minutes of lecture and 40 minutes of group discussions. With a 3:1 student-teacher ratio, each individual receives a high level of personal care from their instructors. Students are also split by grade levels, putting grades 1-3 in junior level class and grades 4-6 in senior-level class. 

Unlike classes taken at traditional primary schools, the weekend program at Changjiangwan Community center is designed to be more casual and relaxing for kids to immerse themselves in an English-speaking setting. The high school student leaders think of the students as good friends and children see their mentors not only as big brothers and sisters, but also as superheroes.

Besides regular classes, children are introduced to culture learning, including dance rehearsals for Mother’s English annual celebrations and theme lectures on western holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. These events are aimed at opening the world to students, which is a founding principle of Mother’s English. 

Tongligong Women's & Children Community Center

Mother’s English has a long and enduring relationship with Tongligong and attributes its early beginnings to their fruitful partnership.


The seed for Mother’s English was planted in 2015 when Founder Rochelle Mathias was asked to help create a western-style education workshop for Children’s Day 2015 at Tongligong community center in Dalian, KFQ. Play stations were set up around the room and children were guided through “play-to-learn” experiences like puzzle solving and dramatic play. The community center liked the workshop and asked her to develop and teach a “life skills” class which quickly morphed into a western-style English kindergarten class.


Today that western-style kindergarten class has expanded and Mother’s English, as a member of a Dalian League of Volunteers (D-LOV), continues to partner with Tongligong through its Sunshine Project bringing services and learning to the local community.