Public Schools

Recognizing its’ creative approach to practicing English with students, public schools opened their doors to Mother’s English in 2017, beginning with Gongrencun school. Mother’s English began partnering with Chinese English language teachers to help students practice the spoken portion of their Chinese classroom English instruction. Since 2017, the program has been established in four schools seeking enhanced spoken English activities. Different from weekend clubs, Mother’s English at public schools are taught by adult volunteers. Classes are mostly held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a few exceptions depending on the schedule. One class period takes 40 minutes, holds about 40 students, and is organized by 2-3 volunteers for each period.  

In order to better incorporate with the local English class, ME volunteers also help students review what they learn from the textbook and expand their vocabulary. However, classes are almost exclusively in English and Mandarin is used sparingly. Occasionally, foreigners will join these classes to introduce global culture and holidays to the students. On Halloween and Christmas, volunteers dress up in costumes, give out candies, and help students write holiday cards based on their lessons from the Chinese English curriculum.  In this way, traditional English classes are well-integrated into ME’s teaching purpose. 

Gongrencun, 2017


Yangjia, 2018

Taishan, 2019

Hongta, 2019