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How We Do It

The 5 Step Process

DMECC has a 5-step program to develop youth:​

Each of these levels requires a minimum of 1 hour of service per week, building students' hard and soft skills, with a particular focus on leadership and social responsibility.


Preparation Program

Step 1

  • Introduces students to DMECC

  • Prepares students for volunteering online and in person

  • Cultivates social awareness necessary for volunteering in our programs


Social Good

Step 2

  • Provides weekly volunteer opportunities

  • Certificate confirming volunteer hours and contributions

  • After a minimum of 4 months, students have the opportunity to move into one or more team in Youth Leadership


Youth Leadership

Step 3

  • Students sign up for a team of interest

  • Each team is assigned a Youth Executive as well as an Adult Mentor

  • Certificate for volunteer hours

  • Standard letter of recommendation

  • Students are evaluated regularly, and after a minimum of 6 months students can be invited to Youth Executive based on performance


Youth Executive Program

Step 4

  • Certificate for volunteer hours

  • Customized Letter of Recommendation

  • Students are evaluated regularly and coached by an Adult Mentor

  • After a minimum of 12 months students have the opportunity to be introduced to one or more of our corporate partners for internship interviews



Step 5

  • Students take the skills and leadership qualities they have cultivated within DMECC into another environment, thereby gaining valuable experience and contributing to the sustainability of DMECC's programs

How We Do It: Products

Each of these levels works on building students' hard and soft skills, with a particular focus on leadership and social responsibility:

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