Developing Tomorrow’s Student Leaders for Today’s English Language Learners 

The largest segment of ME volunteers are the youth volunteers who join Mother’s English through their middle and high schools and who have collectively contributed over 1000 hours of their time to Mother’s English since 2015. 

Mother’s English offers youth volunteers a comprehensive Youth Development Program that allows dedicated volunteers to grow their skills in one or more of the following areas: curriculum development, marketing, technology, fundraising, and leadership. 

The Youth Development Leadership program is a four-step training and participation process:  

  • Step 1 is comprised of 5 informational strands, aimed at preparing and connecting youth volunteers to Mother’s English and developing their skill sets in various aspects of the  ME program. By the end of the fourth strand, student volunteers will be ready to assist small groups in language support. After student volunteers have led in some capacity for 4-6 classes, they graduate to Step 2.  

  • In Step 2, student volunteers are promoted to assistant leaders in a particular program or project where they present a lesson or theme, evaluate student learner’s language levels/ language acquisition, and organize volunteer staffing for club site programs. 

  • In Step 3, student volunteers are promoted to program leadership. 

  • In Step 4, student volunteers are ready to step into a project leadership role – the highest level of student volunteer leadership. 

Mother’s English recognizes the hard work and dedication of their student volunteers in several ways: 

  • Volunteer hours are tracked and recognized every year with an official ME certificate. 

  • For youth volunteers who excel in the program can expect recommendation letters for college or scholarship applications. 

  • All volunteers are presented with honor chords to be worn at their high school graduation.