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Our Programs

What We Do

We offer several programs to meet the needs of students, both those in service and those in communities we serve:

Mother's English

English Language Support

Mother's English is a program that allows DMECC youth volunteers to use their English skills to teach migrant and village children English.

Curious Kids

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Curious Kids is the STEM program (which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics) from DMECC. The program rives to offer education within the STEM field to those who may not have access to adequate STEM education. The overall goal of the program is not to just educate the students, but help them foster a life-long passion for learning – and potentially working in the STEM field. 

Our Home

Furniture Redistribution and Donation

Our Home! DMECC Our Home strives to make the home living conditions better for the lesser privileged families of our community. We have been working hard to find sponsors to aid in our donation of furniture products and computers to our community. So far, we are partnered with Ikea factory and store, Campus Village, LuMei Art Academy, and are always looking for more possible partners. Our Home is divided into several subsections, including sponsors team (talking with partners), families (contacting families), and distributions (planning the details of distribution events).

ACDC Computer Distribution

Computer and Tech Donations

ACDC Computer Distribution is the donation of unused computers what will allow village and migrant children access to a world previously unknown to them.

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